I have been a cosmetologist for close to ten years now, and needless to say I’ve had my hair many different colors. I’ve been doing basically the same thing with my hair for the past few years, but I’ve been itching for a change. I did red many years ago, and always felt like it suited my personality, so I decided to give Arctic Fox a try. 

Arctic Fox is a cruelty free company and the hair colors they offer are vegan. They offer semipermanent fashion colors. There is no peroxide or ammonia, no PPD or ethyl alcohol. They are self described as “vibrant colors with added conditioner”. These dyes are manufacted in the United States, and a portion of all sales are donated to help animals. 

I decided what colors to try by searching their Instagram to see which ones I liked. I ended up purchasing wrath, poison, and sunset orange. With vibrants like these, I prefer to custom mix so that each time I use them I get a little bit something different. 

Prior to purchasing the hair colors my hair was all over balyage. My roots and a couple inches down, and the underside are my natural hair. I lighten the balyage parts of my hair about twice a year. Some areas of my hair are as dark as a level five or six, while others are more around a level 8 or 9. For this type of color to show up, hair needs to be blonde or lightened. 

My hair before coloring, prelightened balyage.

I followed the directions they supply basically word for word and got great results, so I suggest doing the same. I washed my hair, didn’t use conditioner, and dried it. I had three bowls of mixture. One I had just sunset orange, one I mixed all three, and one had wrath and poison mixed. Also, WEAR GLOVES & make sure that you apply barrier cream to your hairline.

I began by applying sunset orange with a brush to my lightened sections. I wanted to make sure that I had a good orange base, because my hair tends to look very pink with red color over it. I took small sections making sure to rub the color in and emulsify it. I didn’t want any patches of blonde left over. Once each part was covered with sunset orange (admitidly this took a very long time), I went in with the triple mixture on my roots and partially way down the hair shaft. Even though my roots are not lightened, I wanted to make sure to cover everything so that it looked like the same tone. I also have some natural lightness near the front and wanted that to pick up the red. I covered the under part of my hair with the mixture of wrath and poison. Once the color had been on for probably 30 minutes I added the triple mixture all over my head and waited another 30 minutes. Quite honestly there was really no rhyme or reason to how I was doing things, I just kinda did what I thought would look the best. 

I rinsed my head with pretty moderate temperature water, making sure to scrub the best I could on my scalp so that it didn’t leave behind color. I then conditioned and applied styling products, and styled as usual. 

You can see how my brown hair underneath did slightly take a red tone.

In different lighting you can see the different tones of red.

I LOVE the results, and will continue to use this stuff!

Here’s a few take aways from my first experience with Arctic Fox:

  • I surprisingly didn’t have trouble getting the color off of spots on my skin or sink. Which is usually not the case with other brands. 
  • The smell is incredible, like candy? And the smell stays on the hair in the most delightful way.
  • My hair is super shiny and manageable after using the colors.
  • This color deposits amazingly on any kind of lighter hair, anything that was dark blonde and lighter absorbed color. Tonally on my brown hair the lighter brown areas have a red tint, but to get the results I got you need to have prelightened hair. 
  • These colors are easily customizable, and you can make some beautiful and unique shades.



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    5 thoughts on “Arctic Fox | Cruelty Free & Vegan Hair Color

    1. The result is amazing 😍 I have some questions: how much it last? and if I already have a burgundy shade I would need to prelightened my hair? although I’m looking for more like the color your brown hair take


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