I am always on the lookout for fun, new cruelty free products to try. I seek out products that not only work great, but have the appeal and lure of products you see at Sephora, Ulta, and other big stores. There are a lot of smaller named companies that moral standing is more aligned with mine, that have some real hidden gems.

I’ve been wanting to try Necromany Cosmetica lipsticks after seeing a lot of buzz on Instagram. Beyond being a cruelty free & vegan company, I was initially drawn to the occult aesthetic and the unique packaging, colors, and names. For me it’s Halloween all year round, so I love spooky themed things.

These are traditional style matte lipsticks. The price for each is $16. There’s a lot of colors to choose from. They have your typical nudes and pinks as well as more adventurous colors like blues and greys. It took me quite some time to decide what I would buy. Usually I would have bought more bold colors, but as a first impressions I bought some “wearable” colors. This way I could wear them at work and what not and really get a feel for how they lasted.

The outside packaging of the lipsticks, different sides of the box.

I did not have to wait long after ordering to receive shipping notification, which was really exciting. The lipsticks shipped very quickly, and had a tracking number. They came in a small box, packaged and wrapped nicely. Each lipstick tube comes in an outer box that is SO cute. see above picture
They have an illustration of a creepy cute girl, the company name, “vegan + cruelty free matte lipsticks”, the shade name, and even ingredients.
lipstick tubes.

The tubes are simplistic, black with silver lettering. These feel sturdy and are cute if you like to display your lipsticks as well.

The three colors I purchased are Lesstrange, Bonfire Dance, and Mugwort.

Lesstrange is a pinky, grey nude.
Mugwort is a muted magenta.
Bonfire Dance is a classic burnt orange.


Let’s talk formula!

These have no real smell to them.
The consistency of these are not overly creamy (typical of matte shades) but do not feel drying on the lips. These are a stiffer feel, but not as stiff Melt Cosmetics.
This formula is very opaque and didn’t take much for application. They apply smoothly.
I found wear time to be quite long with these. They naturally faded after quite a few meals and drinks, but are easy to reapply. I still found that I had some color left over even after a while of wear. I would call the finish of these a matte, but don’t think you will get as matte as a finish as you would from a liquid lip.

I find this formula, and the colors to be very unique! I will definitely be purchasing in the future.
Overall I reccomend this product.

You can purchase them here.


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