When it comes to clean beauty, Au Naturale Cosmetics is king. They make it their mission to use ingredients you can feel good about. 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan products made with organic ingredients.

I was excited to try this brand, but there are so many products! For me, bronzer, blush and highlight seemed like the perfect place to start.

Au Naturale has both powder and creme blushers, highlighters and bronzers. I chose to try the creme products first, since I already have so many powder products.

bronzer in Latte, blusher in Grapefruit, highlight in Celestial

The formula of these is very easy to work with. They apply smooth and are well pigmented. When blended out these don’t look chunky or like they are sitting on top of the skin. They look more like natural skin. These are a great product to grab when you want an easy fast face, not necessarily full out glam.

In the crazy heat we have been having lately I figured these were being put to the ultimate test. I already have oily skin, and makeup usually melts off very easily. These surprisingly stay put through the days. I am unsure of what in this formulation works so well, but it does. These don’t feel creamy or greasy once they are on. They have an undetectable feel. For me, a lot of cream and liquid face products just emphasize my oily areas. I haven’t found that with these. I also haven’t experienced breakouts from these, which is typical of creme products for me. These more act like a powder once they are blended in.

I applied each product with my fingers, a beauty blender and some bruses to see what application I liked best.

For the blush, I applied it just on the apples of my cheeks. Blush is something I don’t always wear, but when I do, I prefer golden pink tones. I applied this with the stick, and found the best way to blend out was with my fingers. This gives such a natural, glow from within. I felt like this made my skin look nice and fresh! They have quite a few colors on their site, and I am curious to try more out to see if I like some other colors.

For the highlighter, I applied it to the tops of my cheeks, bridge of my nose, cupids bow and as an inner corner highlight on my eyes. I am totally hooked on this and want to buy about a thousand of these. There are no chunks of glitter, and it just melts into your skin. On the face, I liked it alone or topped with Opal from Becca Cosmetics. I also have been loving it as an inner corner highlight. It can be worn subtly or dramatically which I love.
here it is worn as an intense inner corner highlight

For the bronzer, I applied it as a contour. I drew a line on the hollows of my cheeks, sides of my nose, and atop my giant forehead. I tried blending it out with both brush and beauty blender. Although brush worked fine, a damp beauty sponge is definitely the way to go. It was just a lot more natural looking and took less effort.
The color Latte is designed to work best for lighter skin tones. It is a warm matte. I think the color is beautiful, my one gripe is I wish they also had a cool tone! For some skin tones a cool tone might work better. This isn’t orange by any means, but some would rather a neutral bronze.
I find myself using this the least out of these three products. I have so many bronzers that I am obsessed with, I just didn’t reach for it as much.

Overall I am very impressed with these products! I look forward to playing with these more and testing out more from this brand.

You can purchase Au Naturale products here!


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