One of my biggest challenges I’ve set upon myself is finding great mascara alternatives to non cruelty free favorites.

Today I have two great alternatives to Benefit Roller Lash! Both are cruelty free, and one is vegan!

A quick note on Benefit:
Benefit is sadly not cruelty free. They state that they are against testing on animals on their website, but, they do perform animal testing. This is a company that is on Peta’s non cruelty free list & they are not recognized by Leaping Bunny. (I sugguest consulting both of these organizations as well as company websites before making decisions on cruelty free.) This is also a company that is very misleading to their consumers about this and basically try to discredit cruelty free certifications. I suggest reading the FAQ’s on their website very carefully here and here, if you’re still unsure.

Okay, let’s talk lashes!

Although I have very straight, fine, and short lashes I prefer mascara over false lashes.

I am loving this mascara!

Pacifica Dream Big lash extending mascara $16
You can purchase this from Target, or online here and here.

This is vegan.
This adds length, volume, as well as has conditioning properties. (It is important to me that my mascara keeps my lashes healthy so that I don’t have to wear false lashes.)
It is fortified with a peptide serum, and is loaded with natural ingredients.
What is great about this mascara is that it is buildable. The wand on this twists from a dial to shorten or lengthen it. Leaving the wand long is supposed to seperate and lengthen and shortening it is supposed to add volume. I personally like to keep the wand shorter because I like my lashes thick.

the ‘magic’ wand.

Another great thing about Dream Big is it doesn’t flake. I find a lot of mascaras will work well, but by the end of the day under my eyes is a flakey mess – not this stuff!
This formula takes a few minutes to dry, so keep that in mind when applying.
The packaging on this mascara is so cute!


comparison of Roller Lash to Dream Big.

The wands are not identical, but they work very similarly. The real difference is between the curve in both. I do have to work a little more with Pacifica, but the outcome is the same.

When I layered the next mascara under Dream Big I got the perfect result!

Physicians Formula CC Curl + Care Mascara $10
Purchase it here.

I really like this mascara. It does an amazing job of curling and seperating lashes! This mascara also has conditioning properties. When I use this mascara by itself I get great results, but by the end of the day it can wear off a bit. When I used it with the Pacifica mascara it was a match made in heaven!

comparison of Roller Lash and Curl + Care.

Physicians Formula gives even more curl than Roller Lash!

The Physicians Formula will give you more curl with a more natural look & Pacifica will give you a false lash, bold look.
Like I stated, these two mascaras are great alone but even better together!

my eye mascara free vs. my eye with these mascaras + flash.

the combination of Physicians Formula + Pacifica!


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